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How to remove your junk in Bend, Oregon | 2022 Best Options

Read more about junk removal options in Central Oregon! See who the best providers are in 2022.

How to remove your junk in Bend, Oregon | 2022 Best Options

Hey there! Chances are if you are reading blog post, you probably have some junk you want to get rid of. And trust me, I know it can be a pain to remove but don't worry, this is a full guide on how to remove items you may have in Central Oregon.

Everyone has different types of items they need removed, so we broke them into categories of what we see most often. Let's jump in!

One-item Removals:

An example of Curbside Pickup

If you have a single item like a couch, table, or appliance there are a few options for removal. Here a few of the most popular with links to allow you to shop them out:

1. Rent a truck from U-Haul Bend.

2. Hire a Junk Removal Company (click here to see our favorite)

3. Borrow a vehicle from a friend

If you don't have your own pickup truck and you're trying to move a large item, don't fret, you've got options!

1) Borrow your friends pickup truck and hope they are feeling generous. Usually you can strap down large items regardless of the bed size and head to Knott Landfill.

Pro's: Free!

Con's: Disposal Fee, and you have to do the heavy lifting.

2) Hire a trusted junk removal company in Central Oregon. I'm bias but Live Junkless is an affordable option that can pick up items within 24 hours of calling.

Pro's: Affordable, next-day service, no lifting!

Con's: Not Free.

3) This is the best for the DIYer's out there. Head to U-Haul Bend and rent a pickup truck and you'll be ready for most items.

Pro's: The fulfillment of clearing your own space!

Con's: Takes a lot of time, you do the heavy lifting, not free.

P.S. If you are looking for other cost effective ways to save money, we have a great post on some cheap ways to get rid of your items. Check it out here!

General Household Items

Live Junkless Team Members with a dog
Junk Removal and Fluffy Friends!

If you're looking to remove items like couches, tables or old furniture there are two main options:

1. Rent a large U-Haul box-truck and load yourself

2. Hire a trusted junk removal company

Household items can add up and a pile can start forming that you can imagine. If you find yourself with too much junk to handle, consider reading our blog about removing a lot of junk! It breaks down practical steps to getting rid of those items.

Depending on your budget and extra help, renting a U-Haul can be a dependable way to get rid of items. The Deschutes County Landfill allows any type of vehicle to dispose of items.

If you're looking to save time and want extra help, reach out to Live Junkless. Here is a video walking through their process. They are professional, clean cut, and rated highly.

Large Demo Jobs or Remodels

Commerical Junk Removal In Bend, Oregon
Commercial Junk Removal in Bend Oregon

Large demo and remodels are always hard work and progress feels slow. Overtime you may have an overwhelming pile of items you need to remove. If you're in this situation, here are the best two options for you:

1. Rent a dumpster from a local company in Bend or Redmond

2. Hire a junk removal company with a large dump truck

Many times the pricing on these options are similar over the long-run. Dumpsters generally cost a few hundred dollars a day, and same with a junk removal company.

The benefit of a dumpster is being able to fill it over time- versus having one day. The benefit of a junk removal company is to let them handle the heavy lifting and to save you time on the clean up.

Both are solid options!

Right now, Live Junkless only offers junk removal services, but we we will have dumpsters by next year.

Hot Tub's, Sheds and Hoarder Situations

Hot Tub Removal in Bend, Oregon
Hot Tub Removal in Bend, Oregon

Hot Tubs, Sheds, and hoarder situations all have one thing in common. They are all difficult remove. Most of the time removing these items are inconvenient because of weight or tools needed.

When I talk to customers who have large or bulky items like this, the best solution is hiring a junk removal company. They have the tools and resources to remove these items.

In Central Oregon, you can dump hot tubs and sheds at any county landfill. As well as some transfer stations.

If you have a question about any items, or would like a free estimate in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, or Sunriver, reach out anytime!

Call or Text: (541) 550-1240

Email: Info@livejunkless.com

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Final Thoughts

Everyone has a different scenario. If you feel that you need some help with removing your junk, we'd love to help.

Live Junkless is a local Central Oregon company. We pride ourselves on being professional, clean cut and friendly for every customer! Also, feel free to check out our location page to see where in Central Oregon we serve!

Our services are many times same and next-day, and we are licensed and insured.

The best junk removal company in Bend, Oregon.