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How do I Get Rid of a Lot of Junk?

Do you have a lot of items you need help throwing out? Call Live Junkless today!

How do I Get Rid of a Lot of Junk?

It's easy to collect and store unwanted items for many years and not realize how much junk you have, but don't worry! That's where Live Junkless comes into play. If you have a lot of junk sitting in or around your house or business, it can feel overwhelming to have to remove and dispose of those items yourself. To make things easy, you can hire a professional junk remove company to help take care of everything for you.

The process to remove items generally goes one of two ways. The first option is to rent a large truck or trailer, and do the manual labor and hauling themselves. There are many landfills across metro areas and majority of them price items by weight. The more weight your load is, the more your dumping fees will cost.

The second way to remove items is to hire a professional junk removal company and have them come out to assist with removal and disposal. There are advantages to both, but typically most people prefer to have a provider like Live Junkless come out to their home and help out. Here is what is included in full-service junk removal:

  • Free estimate and walkthrough. Once you have booked an appointment with us, we will send two of our teammates your way to meet with you and create a game plan for removal and price. These estimates are low-pressure and allows us to provide the most accurate prices.
  • Point and it's gone. Many people believe they have to have items in a pile, or move them around a property to call someone out to help. Though it is helpful, it's not the case for Live Junkless. You can leave everything where it sits and we will take it for you. Point and it's gone!
  • Attention to detail. Our goal is to make your junk removal experience professional and simple. From our first conversation, to our team leaving your driveway. We have completed over 500+ jobs in Central Oregon and it's our goal to make every job a 5-star experience.
  • Settling up is easy. Once our team finishes loading up your items, we will get you an invoice and collect payment using a mobile card reader. No more having to pull out cash or check unless you want too. You can pay with any credit card or debit card!
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