Junk Removal in Redmond Oregon

Junk Removal and Donation Services in Redmond, Oregon

Do you need help removing unwanted junk from your home? Call Live Junkless today for same and next-day removal services. We've helped over 500 customers in the area get rid of their unwanted items, so don't wait another minute! Learn more about our junk removal services below.


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Same and Next-day Junk Removal Services in Central, Oregon

Over 1,000 happy customers in Central Oregon: Live Junkless is ready to help you!

What Type of Junk removal Services do we Provide in Redmond Oregon?

Whether you’re moving, cleaning out your garage or basement, have a construction project coming up or need some extra space for all of the debris that will be generated - Live Junkless can help.

We can haul away any type of trash including furniture, old appliances, roofing, and more. At Live Junkless, giving our customers peace of mind knowing that they have their space back is our goal daily.

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Me and my wife were so happy with the service we received from Live Junkless. We highly recommend this company for junk removal in Redmond and we will use them again.

Deacon W.

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Same & Next-Day Removal in Redmond

Live Junkless provides same and next-day junk removal in Redmond OR. It's our goal to clear out your junk as soon as possible. We are open Monday through Sunday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, and our customer service representatives are open later.

Fair Pricing

Our pricing is based on how much space your items fill in our truck. We provide you with a free in-person estimate, and our price includes labor, removal, and disposal. Rates start at $87 for a one-item pickup. After the job is completed, we will have an easy-to-use mobile card reader and send you an invoice right after everything is done.

Household Junk Removal in Redmond, Oregon

We do all sorts of junk removal, but our most common service is removing household items. From mattresses, to dressers, to tables and anything you can think of. Live Junkless will professionally come into your home and take care of your junk.

Our team is ready to help! We advise all of our customers to leave their items where they sit and allow us to do the heavy lifting. No need to remove items out of your house or pile them up.

When your furniture is in good condition we will donate it to our partners in Central Oregon. We provide receipts, and photos as well. We don’t want unnecessary items being disposed of in landfills.

Construction Waste Junk Removal in Redmond Oregon

We provide construction and commercial waste removal in Redmond. We help customers remove small and large scale commercial items. From small retail space clean ups, to entire construction site cleans we can help. We've helped commercial clients in Redmond like Wal-Mart.

We'll come in and help you remove furniture, computers, desks, filing cabinets, cubicles and more. When you give us a call we will help provide full-service junk removal. Leave your items where they sit, give us a call and they'll disappear in a flash.

Home Clean Outs in Redmond Oregon

If you are moving, cleaning out a home after an estate, or just need extra space, we can help with your junk removal needs. We commonly help tackle hoarder jobs or situations in Redmond that have an extreme amount of junk.

 Many of our customers have large amounts of junk that need to be removed and we recommend that they leave their items where they sit and give us a call. If you reach out to (541) 550-1240, our team will help set up a convenient time to meet with you and create a game plan.

Redmond Oregon Garage Clean Out Services

It’s easy to fill a garage with items, and we all know the feeling of looking around and seeing your garage full of junk. They are great places to store extra items but when they're full, it’s a pain. Live Junkless provides full-service garage junk removal so you can have a functional garage again! We remove items like old appliances, furniture, lawn and gardening equipment, broken bicycles, and more.

Loss Prevention Junk Removal in Redmond Oregon

If you've recently experienced a fire or flood in your home resulting in a loss, we can be a partner to help clear out your space. It’s important to clear out your home as quickly as possible to allow for proper ventilation and it will help prevent the spread of bacteria or mold.

 Typically with loss prevention situations, we want to get you an in-person game plan. Our goal is to come into your home and safely clear out the items you need removed. Our teams are professionally trained for demolition services as well.

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If you’ve got junk that you need removed from your home, garage, or commercial building in Bend, we'd love to help. Our goal is for every customer to experience 5-star service when they use us. We service Bend and all of the surrounding areas in Central Oregon. Call today or book online to have us help remove your junk.