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What is the Cheapest Way to Dispose of Junk at My Home?

What options are there to remove junk from your home. Let's chat!

What is the Cheapest Way to Dispose of Junk at My Home?

When you have a pile of junk at your home or business most people want to know how much it costs to remove it. There are a few options for removal, and they all vary on price, but here are a few options if you aren't sure which route you want to go:

Trailer and Truck Method

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, renting a truck and trailer from a company in your area will save you the most money. You can most likely find a dump trailer and truck to tow it, and remove your items for a couple of hundred dollars. Not too shabby if you are willing to get your hands dirty and do some manual labor!

Donation Companies

Depending on the condition of your items, you may be able to donate them to thrift stores or post them for free on marketplaces like Facebook or Craigslist. This is a great way to keep waste out of the landfills and save you time and money on disposal fees.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

If you're looking for a quick and easy process to remove your items, a junk removal company will be the best place to start. Junk removal companies like Live Junkless provide traditional junk removal, donation services, and recycling. Live Junkless is aware that every dollar matters for our customers. On all of our jobs we provide clear and honest estimates that don't change. When we give you a price range, that is what you'll pay.

Our services are one price that include labor, removal and hauling, as well as disposal fees. Our goal at Live Junkless is to make sure you can easily understand what you're paying, and we do our best to price accurately on-site versus over the phone.

What to expect when working with a junk removal company

When comparing pricing on removing junk yourself versus hiring a company, there are a few important factors to consider. Live Junkless for example is full-service and our process has earned us a 5-star reputation. When you rent your own truck and trailer you are spending a significant amount of time between driving, coordinating, doing the labor, and dumping the items. Junk removal companies work quickly to get out to your location, remove the items and provide the best value for the dollar possible.

How to remove junk cheap?

A lot of people look for the cheapest way to remove junk, but when you weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus hiring a company, the time and effort cost is pretty similar to the cost of hiring a company. If that is not important to you, that is totally fine! Renting that truck and trailer will be a great solution and you'll get the job done! Hiring a junk removal company comes down to having an easy experience and help getting those items out of your house and disposed of.