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Furniture Donation Bend Oregon

Do you need your furniture donated? But not sure how to get it gone? Read more below on the Live Junkless junk removal process!


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If you have items around your house that are in good condition, but you're not sure how to donate them, you have a few options! At Live Junkless we've been providing Central Oregonians with donation services for over a year.

Our company is frequently at Habitat for Humanity, Furnish Hope, and Goodwill. All of these donation centers do have their own team that will pickup items for you, but we typically can get out to you faster.

All of our donation pickups receive receipts with their drop-offs and a photo making sure you see we made the correct stop. Let's talk more about what we can take!

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What Type of Furniture Can we Donate?

Great question! Live Junkless is capable of donating almost any items our preferred vendors will take. Common furniture items we take to donation centers include couches, dressers, tables, dining room chairs, and other common household items.

We typically don't see most places accept mattresses, box springs, pillows or anything that has to do with a bed. If you want to read more about what we take in general, click here for our in-depth guide. Also, sometimes if you have packaged linens we can donate those for you!

Aside from furniture we can take clothing, cooking ware, books, and other small items. If you have specific questions on what we take to donation centers in Bend or Redmond, give us a call anytime by clicking here!

How Do We Price Donation Pickups?

Live Junkless is primarily a junk removal company, but we want to be responsible in how we remove items. One of our goals is to donate or give away as much useable furniture and household goods as possible.

Pricing furniture donation pickups is very similar to our junk removal process. We operate off of a volume basis, meaning you only pay for what you fill in our dump truck. Here's how our estimates work:

  • Reach out and book an appointment. Once we have a time set, we will start by sending you a confirmation for our appointment time. We will then send two of our friendly teammates out to you in our dump trucks!
  • Free estimate. Before we begin moving anything we will start by getting you an estimate on what it would cost to donate your items. Our team lead will give you a price range that is firm, and when you approve, we will start getting to work!
  • Easy Payment. Gone are the days of having to pull out cash! Each of our crews is equipped with a card reader and is able to take care of payment and invoicing with a simple credit card.

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Got Junk Removal Questions?

What labor and moving service does LJ Moving offer?

LJ Moving provides labor and moving help for local moves, senior moving, storage facility moving, and commercial moves.

How does the pricing and quoting process work?

LJ Moving pricing and quoting process is very upfront. We'd love to chat with you over the phone to chat about what you need help with, and we'll be able to get an estimate over the phone, or we can send one of our friendly teammates out to help.

Where do you provide labor and moving help in Central Oregon?

LJ Moving provides labor services in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Sunriver, La Pine, and other surrounding areas in Central Oregon.

Why should you give Live Junkless a call?

At Live Junkless, it's our priority to make sure you're taken care of. From the first call to our team pulling out of your driveway we want to give you a five-star experience. Our team is professional, friendly, and ready to assist. We are also a small, family owned business based in Bend, Oregon. Call us junk removal in Bend, Oregon and Central Oregon.

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I was super impressed with this company from start to finish. First off, it was very easy to schedule a pickup and they communicated well by sending confirmation messages as well as reminders and they arrived exactly on time. When they arrived I was extremely impressed with their professionalism and cleanliness. They were wearing clean white shirts to remove junk! When I asked if they could take a furniture piece to a charity such as Habitat for Humanity, they kindly agreed. They even sent a picture when they delivered it there later that day to show me they hadn't just deposited it at the landfill. Very classy! Furthermore, they weren't even that expensive. If I could give them 6 stars I would. These guys are amazing! Don't hesitate, just call them.

Keith Holt

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