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Live Junkless Central Oregon | What we Take

Live Junkless can take almost every item you can think of! To see exactly what we can and cannot dispose, recycle, or donate click to read.

Live Junkless Central Oregon | What we Take

Hey there! If you're located in Central Oregon and have junk, we'd love to be of service. This blog will provide information on items we take. (Which is pretty much everything.)

If you have questions about how our junk removal service works, feel free to click (here.) Our process is very simple and our goal is to make getting rid of junk easy.

At Live Junkless we can essentially take anything you have. If two or three of our friendly teammates can pick your items up, we will make sure they are out of your way.

Examples of junk we haul:

* Furniture removal

* Yard Waste removal

* Appliance removal

* Television disposal

* Home-goods donations

* Foreclosure clean-outs

* Trash Removal

* Hot Tub Removal

* And much more

Furniture Removal, Recycling, Donation, and Disposal

Furniture Removal in Bend, Oregon

Furniture can be a pain to remove. It's heavy, bulky, and can involve disassembly. If you are looking to have someone remove furniture from your home, you're in the right place.

Whether you have a couch, table, bed, mattress and so-forth we can help remove them for you. In Bend and Redmond there aren't any "old furniture" pickup services and Republic Services won't provide pickups.

If the furniture items you have are in good condition, we have a few alternatives aside from dropping them in the landfill. Many of the local donation centers and shelters gladly take items.

In-fact, we take items weekly to (ReStore Bend), Humane Society Thrift Store, and Furnish Hope to name a few. If we can't donate furniture items, we also try to recycle wood and other material we can scavenge.

We are proud to support local businesses and non-profits that can pass down your furniture.

Yard Waste Removal

Central Oregon has a lot of plant and tree variety. You can't look around without seeing a Ponderosa, Pine or Juniper

This plant life is beautiful but they create a lot of waste and it can be a time consuming chore to clean up. We don't limit our clean ups to trees branches, so if you have trimmings, old piles or grass we can help remove them.

Bend and Redmond have new yard waste needs in every season. Foliage and growth is at a peak in Spring and Fall. And in Winter and Summer, items can stack up and become a hassle to remove.

You may not have thought about having a junk removal business collect yard waste for you, but many times we can get to you next day.

If you have outdoor debris like old fencing, stumps, lumber or plywood we can also help dispose of those.

Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal in Bend Oregon

It's never ideal when the dishwasher goes out and you have to resort to hand washing. Or when the dryer loses power and you have to hang dry your linens. But when those situations do happen, give Live Junkless a call.

Our services are many times same or next day that way you can clear out old items and move in the new appliances. We take almost all appliances, including:


Due to their bulky nature, dishwashers are a popular item we get called about. They are generally heavy and an inconvenience to put in your car.

If your dishwasher is still working I'd encourage you to try and sell the item on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Plenty of people still shop on those sites.If the dishwasher is not selling and you aren't able to dispose of it yourself, you can always try calling a donation center. They will take used appliances and may pick them up for you.

If after those scenarios you aren't able to get rid of your pesky dishwasher, give Live Junkless a call. We have a one-item price that is affordable and quick.

We also remove and haul away trash compactors with dishwashers. If you're in Bend and Redmond they are included in the price to remove the dishwasher.

Oven and Ranges

The day your oven or range go out is a sad day. Memories of home cooked Thanksgiving meals and family get together's somehow follow your oven out the house. Typically these units last 15 years or so, so you probably got a good life out of it.

Similar to dishwashers, Ovens resell well on used marketplaces. Post of Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist and you'll be surprised.

If you aren't able to sell the your oven, give Live Junkless a call. We offer affordable same and next day junk removal for one-item appliances.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators and Freezers are among the hardest appliances to remove. They are heavy, lengthy and never in a convient spot.

Fridges also need to be disposed of a separate way due to chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerant. Most don't use it anymore but landfills still have special requirements for dumping.

We will take refrigerators and freezers in any condition and any age. Our pricing is the same as all the one-item removals and we will ensure the fridge is recycled properly.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioner units are fantastic when working, and a hot disaster when they don't. If you're in the latter situation, you will have a few options.

Like the oven and dishwasher, a lot folks will purchase your old A/C units off of Craigslist. Throw up your unit for a few bucks off the original price and get paid to remove it!

Many donation centers will take A/C units off your hands. Always try ReStore Bend.

If at last you can't find anyone to pickup the unit for you, give Live Junkless a call. We take all sizes of A/C units!

Washer and Dryer Units

Who needs clean clothes anyways? Not to be sarcastic, but there aren't many things worse than having no clean clothes. Laundry mats save the day time to time, but aren't a great long-term strategy.

On the bright side, many new large appliances are only getting more efficient with time. Save money in the long run by purchasing a new pair of washer and dryers, and we will help remove your old ones.

If you decide to call Live Junkless to help with your washer or dryer removal, we will make sure the service is simple and stress free for you.

Water Heaters

It's unfortunate when hot water heaters burn out, and because most of them are odd sizes its hard to fit them in most vehicles.

When you are looking to remove a water heaters it's more difficult to donate or sell them unless they are in new condition.

Most people want water heaters to be new when they buy.

To make things easy give Live Junkless a call and we will help remove your water heater in Bend or Redmond in a snap.

Hot-Tub Disposal

Hot Tub Removal Central Oregon

One of the most difficult items to remove yourself are hot tubs and jacuzzis. The size and location of them often make it not possible to DIY, but there are options.

When removing a hot tub there are a few factors that impact difficulty. In Central Oregon many homeowners have hot tubs and we see them in backyards and built into decks. If you have to travel a good distance from the truck to the jacuzzi you have to cut the tub into parts. This is not an extra cost when using Live Junkless, but it does make it more complex to DIY.

Size of hot tubs also range heavily. If you try and remove the tub yourself keep in mind the weight difference between a two-person tub and a four-person tub.

If you give us a call to remove a hot tub, we have a very simple process to remove them. From first call to us pulling out of your driveway, it should take no longer than 48 hours.

E-Waste Removal

If you're clearing your home out and run into items like:

* Old Computers

* Printers

* Scanners

* DVD players

* Televisions

* And more

You're in good hands. We know that new equipment is always getting updated and switched out. Landfills have rules for disposing electronics and it takes time to figure out what goes where.

To make things easy, let us handle the disposal of your electronics. We donate and recycle a majority of the e-waste we collect.

Mattress Disposal, Removal, Donation, and Recycling

Investing in your sleep is an investment worth the cost. We spend a third of our life sleeping, you deserve that new mattress!

Once you have your mattress shipped to your home, you'll have to figure out how to remove your old one.

Most old mattresses become pretty worn and star to dematerialize. When this happens they become heavy and dead weight which makes it hard to remove.

Depending on the condition of your mattress, you may be able to donate it, but it's no easy task due to sanitary reasons.

Selling your mattress is a similar game. If it's new or has been covered heavily, you may be able to sell it on the secondary market.

If neither of those options apply, we are happy to help and remove that mattress for you. To make things easy you can leave the mattress where it sits and we will pick it up for you!

Trash Removal

Trash Removal Services Bend Oregon

Sometimes we find ourselves with piles of contractor bags and we aren't sure what to do. You can only fit so many bags into your bin or dumpster until it's full. What other options are there?

Whether its Spring cleaning, home renovations, or something entirely different it's never an easy task to remove trash.

Give Live Junkless a call today and have our friendly team assist you. When we come out to remove your trash you won't need to move the bags in the driveway, or have them neatly packed. Our team will manage that for you!

Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article is to help clear up what we do and don't remove in Central Oregon. We love helping our community, so if you have any additional questions on what we take, give us a ring!

Call or Text: (541) 550-1240


Thank you for reading! We can't wait to help.