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To get rid of an appliance in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, or Sunriver Oregon, call Live Junkless! We will take care of your appliances for you, and you won't have to raise a finger.


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Over 1,000 happy customers in Central Oregon: Live Junkless is ready to help you!

Old Appliance Removal Near You

Do you need help removing old appliances? If so, don't hesitate to reach out to Live Junkless. Your locally owned and operate junk removal company. We specialize in all types of junk removal services and we are more than happy to handle your appliances responsibly. Let us get rid of them so you can begin finding your replacement!

Old Appliance Removal Near You

Toting away old appliances can be difficult, heavy, and a hassle when you're not prepared. Instead of trying to move those items yourself, give Live Junkless a call and we will have them gone quickly! We make sure you have a professional and satisfactory experience.

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Examples of Appliances We Haul Away

There aren't many thing's we won't take but here are a few examples of appliances that we responsibly recycle: Refrigerators and freezers, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, kitchen equipment, and stoves, ovens, and ranges.

Appliance Removal Cost

If you're wondering what it costs to remove one of your appliances, you're in the right spot. Generally our pricing is based on how much our trucks get filled up by your items. We wan't to make it as simple as possible to use our service!

One-Item Pricing and Junk Removal

  • Our one-item pricing is $87.00 and won't go up until we haul more junk.
  • We will always provide an in-person, no pressure estimate before doing any job.
  • After agreeing to our estimate, there are no hidden fees or processes.
  • Once we finish your job we offer mobile card reader payment and you are good to go!
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Got Junk Removal Questions?

What services does Live Junkless offer?

Live Junkless offers various junk removal services in Bend, Oregon. These services include general junk removal, hot tub removal, shed removal, donation pickups, and more. They handle appliances, BBQs and grills, bicycles, carpeting and rugs, construction debris, electronics, furniture, heavy equipment, and many others. We are committed to providing customer-focused, professional, and efficient services.

How does the pricing and quotation process work?

Customers can call Live Junkless to book a free appointment for a quote. A friendly team member will then visit the location, assess the junk to be removed, and provide an in-person quote. There is no pressure to accept the quote immediately, and the quoted price remains consistent. The team will start the removal process once the customer agrees to the price. After the job is done, an in-person invoice is created, and customers can pay by card or cash.

Does Live Junkless have an eco-friendly approach to junk removal?

Yes, Live Junkless is committed to being a green company. We recycle and donate as much as possible, ensuring that the junk is put to good use. We partner with major donation centers in Bend, such as Restore Bend and Redmond and the Humane Society Thrift Store. We aim to dispose of items responsibly and, whenever possible, donate them rather than send them to the landfill.

Live Junkless is a local favorite. 5 stars on all platforms.

Live Junkless is locally owned in Bend, Oregon and we strive to make your customer experience simple and rewarding. Our team is friendly, clean cut, and professional. We work efficiently, and are fully insured. Call us junk removal in Bend, Oregon and Central Oregon.

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"These guys were wonderful!  I had them help me remove a water damaged couch and they were prompt and efficient...hard working young men.  My daughter asked them to move some furniture from one residence to another and then remove junk from the second was seamless & easy.  They are so friendly and easy to work with...I would HIGHLY recommend Live Junkless to anyone who needs help, and I will definitely use them again and refer them to friends in the future."

Kris P.

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