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Clean-out Services in Central Oregon

Clean-outs can be a hassle, but Live Junkless will make it a breeze! As Central Oregon's premiere junk removal company, we are ready for any job of any size.

Full-Service Home and Commercial Clean-Outs

What does it mean that our clean-outs are full-service? Great question! Here's a look at what we offer:

  • Full walkthrough- We start every job with a full walkthrough of your house or commercial space. From there we setup a game plan on how to tackle your scenario.
  • No item too small- When we are clearing items, you can point and it will be gone. Don't lift a finger. We even bag, transport and organize items into piles.
  • Recycling, disposal and donation- Once everything is sorted we make sure that your items are being properly removed. We don't want to throw as little as possible into the landfills!
Live Junkless Junk Removal Bend OregonPile of garbage in garage getting removed

Upfront Pricing and Quick Service

Junk removal can seem complicated but we want to make sure you understand our full process.

Before we lift a finger, you will receive an estimate from one our friendly teammates. We've found this to be the most accurate form of providing an estimate for clean-outs.

Our pricing is also firm and we won't bump up the price at the end of the service. One upfront price includes all of our labor and hauling expenses.

What Items Do We Remove from Clean-Outs?

Many clean-outs can include a wide variety of items that need to be removed. Here is a snapshot of what we take!

  • Full article on everything we take, here.
  • Household items such as furniture, trash, boxes, demo material, and appliances.
  • We also remove carpet, electronics, grills and almost anything else two friendly teammates can take.
Live Junkless Junk Removal Bend Oregon

Call Live Junkless for all of your clean-out needs!

We are capable of taking on jobs of all sizes. From small to large and everything in-between. Full-service means that we will arrive on-time and take care of the whole junk removal process for you. Scroll down below to see what other customers have to say!

Hear from people who’ve had Junkless
free up their space:

We care about your experience. Below, you can see what our previous customers have to say.

"Live Junkless saved our day. The landfill was closed and we were in a jam. Called Live Junkless and they came within hours to haul everything away. Great customer service. Super polite and friendly. Would definitely use again. Thank you!"

Barbara Carcello

Ready to get started?

We’re just a call away. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions and get started on your junk removal project right away.